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Quail Creek is a residential community located on Republic Road and James River Freeway in Springfield, Missouri. Correspondence to the board of directors may be sent to 4205 S. Quail Creek Avenue, Springfield, Mo. 65810


Quail Creek has a Facebook Page!

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Board of Directors



John Barber





Mary Barber




Cathy Clendening



Member at Large

Donna Howerton



Member at Large

Bob Samuels



Member at Large

Scott Menzel



Member at Large

Dale Penn



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Quail Creek has a Facebook Page!

This page will keep residents informed of events & may be used by neighbors to post items for sale, or lost & found.  As this page is maintained by a non-board member, any concerns or comments about the neighborhood should be directed to the board, rather than posted on the facebook page.

In order to access the Facebook page, search for:  Quail Creek Subdivision Property Owners Springfield MO.  You will go to the page at your convenience.  You will not be sent Facebook notifications about this page, like the ones you get when your friends make a post.

You'll know you have found the right page when you see a photo of the swimming pool and the fountain from last summer.  Pat Plumery maintains the page and Rhonda Penn periodically puts on notices/upcoming social events, etc.   

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ARCHITECTURAL: Chr. Lezah Stenger 889-4300, Ed Alden, Ron Stenger




Donna Howerton & Gaye Lee, (Co-Chairs), Mary Barber, Margaret Blackwell, Don Carlson, Margaret Carroll, Linda Clary, Carolyn Dixon, Ralph Ernst, Kenny & Bridget Gladman, Alexandra Menzel, Linda Moneymaker, Louise Morgan, Rhonda Penn, Bonnie Samuels, Bob & Carol Scott, Amy Strauss, Rosemary & Rex Temple, Vicki & Jerry Webster


GROUNDS: Jerry Webster and John Barber (Co-Chairs), Howard Bannerman, Roger Cook, John Fischer, Harry James, Mike McLaughlin, Dale Penn, Bob Scott, Rex Temple


HOLIDAY DECORATING: John Barber, Donna Howerton, Gaye Lee, Sherry Freeman, Jerry Webster, Bob Scott


HOSPITALITY: Linda Moneymaker (Chair), Sue Baber, Dee Brown, Shirley Cook, Sarah Ernst, Jeanne Hass, JoAnna Jones, Rhonda Penn, Nancy Rader, Bonnie Samuels, Carol Scott, Rosemary Temple, Charlene Wolfe




FACEBOOK Pat Plumery


POOL: (POOL PHONE NUMBER 889-4595), Scott Menzel (Chair) The address at the pool is: 4205 S. Quail Creek Avenue, Springfield, Mo. 65810


WEBMASTER: www.qcpoa.com, Scott Menzel

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Pool Rules

1.    All lifeguard directions must be followed.

2.    Residents must sign in with lifeguard

3.    Children 11 & under must have supervision from parent or sibling 15 years or older with written permission from legal guardian.

4.    No running

5.    No front of back flips into pool

6.    Diving allowed only in the 9 feet area

7.    No offensive language

8.    No hard objects in the pool (footballs, tennis balls, or Frisbees)

9.    No glass or breakable containers in pool area

10. Shower required after being in sand.

11. Smoking prohibited in pool area

12. All QCPOA Recreational Facility Rules Apply

Failure to comply with any of the above can lead to disciplinary action up to and including suspension of pool privileges

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Recreation Facility Rules


I. Every household is responsible for ensuring all members and their guests understand and follow the rules.

2. To maintain and secure our pool, tennis, and basketball courts, a lock system is used. Each homeowner has two identical keys that allow access. If a key is lost, one may be purchased from the Hospitality Chairperson ($5). These keys are for Quail Creek homeowners only. They are not to be duplicated. Please take precautions when using the tennis and basketball courts as the latch style locks will need to be relocked after each use. The pool gate has a self-closing latch that will require your key for access and leaving. It is necessary for pool users to sign in with the lifeguard. Each household is allowed four guests per member with a maximum of eight guests per household (except for the volleyball court where homeowners may sponsor 18 guests).

3. All guests must be accompanied by a QCPOA member. Facilities are for members, their family, and guests only.

4. Glass or breakable containers, wheeled vehicles, and pets are not allowed in the pool area or on the courts.

5. Smoking is prohibited.

6. Offensive language will not be tolerated.

7. Dispose of all trash before leaving the area.

8. The Board of Directors shall settle any questions arising with regard to the rules and shall have recourse in taking disciplinary action.


9. The Board of Directors reserves the right to revise these rules and regulations.




1. The pool will be open Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. Pool hours will be determined by the pool committee at the start of the season. Pool Hours will be determined by the pool chairman at the start of the season.


2. Pool rules are posted and provided for your safety. They will be enforced.


3. Lifeguards will have the discretion to ask a swimmer to perform a swim test to determine swim capability and possible restriction to shallow end of pool.


4. Lifeguards are present for the safety of swimmers. A homeowner may assume responsibility to address observed inappropriate behavior and strangers. If not comfortable in doing so, please contact a pool committee member or a board member.




A contract form must be obtained by printing it off our QCPOA website (click here) or picked up at the pool, filled out, signed, and a deposit check attached two weeks prior to the date desired. If the number of guests requires additional lifeguards, the deposit is to include the additional amount. Each homeowner is allowed eight guests, any more is considered a party, and requires a contract. The homeowner must accompany their guests. A photocopy of the contract is provided on page 6 of the QCPOA directory for information. The deposit amount will be returned after the party upon clean inspection. Click (here) to check Pool/Pavilion availability. Pool questions and reservation requests can be emailed to qcpoa.pool@att.net.ol@att.net




1. When others are waiting, there is a one-hour time limit.


2. Tennis court lights are to be used solely in conjunction with playing tennis. They are on a one-hour timer.


3. No one is allowed on the courts without tennis shoes. Use of the courts for any purpose other than tennis, basketball, or volleyball respectively is prohibited.


4. Skateboards, roller skates, and bikes are not allowed.


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Trash Pickup

Republic Services pickup is on Monday and Thursday. Trash needs to be at curb by 6:00 a.m. Holidays observed are: New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. If a holiday falls on Monday, trash pickup will be on Tuesday. If a holiday falls on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday (e.g., 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas), Thursday's pickup will be on Friday. Trash containers are to be stored out-of-sight by evening. Cost is $10.55 per month/per home.


The yard waste program runs April 1 through November 30. The cost of $82 and a fuel recovery fee $13.53 is to be paid in advance by the homeowner directly to Republic Services, 2115 West Bennett, Springfield, Mo. 65807. Telephone number is 417-865-1717. Republic Services provides a cart for grass and leaves which should be loose in the cart (not in bags). Pickup is every Monday.


Recycling is available upon request from homeowner at an annual cost of $24 plus applicable fuel fees up to $66. Service is every other week on Thursday. A container is provided. Homeowners should call Republic Services at 417-865-1717.

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Neighborhood Garage Sales

The two annual neighborhood garage sales will be held on the 3rd Saturday in May and the 3rd Saturday in September.

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Ice Cream Social

The Hospitality Committee will host an ice cream social Tuesday, July 8 at 7:00 P.M. at the pavilion. All QCPOA members are invited.

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June Tuesday Morning Get-togethers

Every Tuesday morning during the month of June from 10:00 to 11:00 oclock the Hospitality Committee will host get-togethers at the pavilion. All Quail Creek residents are invited to share food, drink and visiting.

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Stopping local newspaper and U.S. mail

You can put a vacation stop your Springfield News Leader by going to the website: https://ssl1.gmti.com/springfield/secure/icon/subscriber.html


You need to create a login and password so other people can't manage your newspaper subscription for you.

You can put a hold on your U.S. mail by going to:
Then click on "Manage your mail" -> "Hold Mail" and fill in the form.

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Filing an Online Police Report with the Springfield Police Department


Although the incidence of crime is small in our neighborhood, you may file an online police report with the Springfield Police Department if you experience one or more of the following problems.


Harassing phone calls - using offensive language, making anonymous phone calls, making repeated telephone calls, immediate hang-ups.


Indecent exposure - illegal exposure of body parts.


Left without paying - goods or services are not paid for such as gasoline or a restaurant meal.


Lost property - property that has been lost or misplaced.


Stealing - someone stole your property.


Vandalism - damaging or defacing the property of another person, malicious mischief, such as knocking over mailboxes, toilet papering house, throwing rocks through windows.


To File an Online Police Report go to the following website:




(1.)       Click on "Go to Online Police Report"


(2.)       Fill in the blanks as you walk through the pages of the report.


(3.)       After you submit the report, you will receive an e-mail confirmation from a police representative. If you choose not to file the report online call 417-864-1810 to file with a police representative.


(4.)       To provide additional information to a report previously filed: (a police report number given to you by the Springfield Police Department is required) Click on:


Go to Online Supplemental Report


Contact the Springfield Police Department

Residents should call 9-1-1 if we see or hear anything requiring police attention. This would include barking dogs, suspicious vehicles parked in the neighborhood, etc.

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Directions to Quail Creek

From the North, East or West: Take I44 to exit 82A (Highway 65); Take Highway 65 South 8.6 miles to Highway 60 West; Follow Highway 60 West to the fourth exit, Kansas Expressway; Turn left at the top of the exit ramp and go one-quarter mile to the T at Republic Road. Go left or East onto Republic Road and stay in the right lane. The right lane becomes a right-turn only lane and turns onto Quail Creek Avenue. Turn right onto Quail Creek Avenue and follow the road left at the fork to enter Quail Creek.


From the South: Take Highway 65 North to Highway 60 West; Follow Highway 60 West to the fourth exit, Kansas Expressway; Turn left at the top of the exit ramp and go one-quarter mile to the T at Republic Road. Go left or East onto Republic Road and stay in the right lane. The right lane becomes a right-turn only lane and turns onto Quail Creek Avenue. Turn right onto Quail Creek Avenue and follow the road left at the fork to enter Quail Creek.

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