QUAIL CREEK Newsletter

April 2007


NEW BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Officers for the 2007-2008 year are President Bill Hass; Vice President Joe Brozovich; Secretary/Treasurer Donna Howerton; Members at Large Bob Scott, and Greg Parker. The first meeting for the new board will be May 23 at 7:00 p.m. at the home of Joe Brozovich. Congratulations!


POOL: Clean up day for the pool is Sunday, May 20, from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00. Come on down. Your help is needed. The pool win be open for swimming on Saturday, May 26. Get ready for a great time of fun in the sun. Find your orange pool keys and please remember to use them when entering and exiting the pool area. The lifeguards cannot leave their post to let people in or out.


GARAGE SALE: Saturday, May 19. is the date for the spring garage sale. The Christian Foundation win pick up at your curb any remaining items that you wish to donate to them between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m.


HOSPITALITY: Welcome to John, Christy, Kennedy, and Lilly Maupin. They have made 1211 Cardinal their new home. Their phone number is 889-3240. Please add to your Directory.


SUCCESS: At our Annual Meeting, March 6, a homeowner spoke of cars traveling north on Lark Street not stopping at the stop sign at Quail Creek Avenue. A request was made to the Springfield Traffic Department for additional traffic control devices to reinforce the STOP sign. They have added a double yellow centerline as wll as a stop bar at the intersection. There is also an advance stop ahead warning sign on Lark and a "cross traffic does not stop" sign under the existing STOP sign. A letter of appreciation has been sent to the Traffic Department.


COLD SNAP RECOVERY: Best advice is to "wait and see." Trees/shrubs win need six or more weeks to grow a second covering. Do not prune and those without functioning leaves can incur further damage by overwatering and overfertilizing. Flowering perennials should be trimmed up to remove the damaged growth. They win recover faster than trees.


DIRECTORY UPDATE: Please use the form below for new information or correcting old information to the directory. Return it to Gaye Lee at 4625 S. Quail Creek before April 30. Please place in the basket located at the front door or can 890-5518. Thank you.


Names: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Address _________________________________Home Phone # _______________Emergency#_______________

Occupations/Retired: (Male) _______________   (Female) ________________

Children's names & birth years: ____________________________________________________