Quail Creek Newsletter

August 2006


What an exciting time of year this is! Students and teachers are starting a new school year; and many of us would like to be going with them. Our best wishes for lots of learning, teaching, and activity involvement. A future president may be living in Quail Creek right now!


YARD CARE: The following information came from a seminar conducted by Dean Morgan, Springfield Master Gardener: The long hot summer has made some of our yards sick. If you have bare spots and weeds, September is the time to renew your lawn with lovely grass. Look for tall turf fescue (95%) with (5%) Kentucky bluegrass seed. Use 7 to 8lbs. per 1000 feet. The grass will stay green 10 months out of the year. If a lot of seeding is necessary, cultivate, seed, mulch with wheat straw, and keep moist. Normal watering should measure 1 inch a week (cans may be used to measure water amount). September is also the time to use a slow release fertilizer. It will nourish the roots through the winter and the grass will be ready to go in the spring. To determine fertility you need to have soil tested. Samples for testing are made by taking soil from several spots in lawn to make a composite sample (one pint in size) for analysis at Univ. of MO. Extension, phone 862-9284. The cost is $14.00. It is good to use an aerator on established lawns before fertilizing. Aerators can be rented. It is best to water deeply and infrequently in the early morning. The benefits of mowing tall are a deeper root system, fewer weeds, cooler soil surface and less watering. A sharp blade on mower should always be used, mow when dry .Clippings should be less than one inch. Dethatching is usually not necessary when mowing tall. Edging sidewalk creates a clean neat look for the yard and is highly recommended. Use traps for moles and Daconil for brown patch fungus disease. If you admire neighbor's yard, ask them for information or call the above phone number.


HOSPITALITY: A big Quail Creek welcome to our following new neighbors: Doug & Vicki Causey who have moved into 4372 Quail Creek. Their phone number is 889-8585. Doug is manager at Hanks and Vicki is employed at Coldwell Bank; Burl & Lou Hamilton have chosen 1144 Camino Alto for their retirement home, phone 881-9639; and Kathryn Gose, 4528 Parkhill, phone 888-2994 is employed at Ferrell-Duncan Clinic. Please add to your Directory.


SNAKES: Resident Jeffiey Newman, new phone number 417-576-4179, is offering "free snake removal service." Some residents on Quail Creek (James River Freeway side) have noticed black snakes in their yards and on roofs. He would rather see the snakes relocated than killed.


GARAGE SALE: Our annual fall garage sale will be September 16. The Christian Foundation will pick up leftovers between 3 and 5 pm. Please attach a For: Christian Foundation sign.


KEYS: If you sell your home, it would be very much appreciated if you left your orange Quail Creek keys and covenants for the new owner. It would save us a few dollars.


GROUNDS: Recent power outages caused by birds on riser pole at Buena Vista and Quail Creek Streets has been reported to City Utilities. They will solve the problem in a few days.


POOL: During the last week of August, the pool will remain open during school hours without a lifeguard. Swim at your own risk. During the hours of 4 to 9 pm, a lifeguard will be present. The pool will close on Sept. 5 and lost and found items will be discarded if not picked up by then. It takes dedication, effort, and time to operate a pool. We appreciate and thank our volunteers: Bryant and Kelly Prude, Kate Plank, Mark & Peppi Pogue, and Craig & Tricia Sifferman for a job well done.