Welcome to all the following new neighbors. Please add them to your Directory.


George & Susan Davis, 4342 Quail Creek, phone 886-9435. George is retired and Susan is a financial associate.


Bettie Smittle had her new home built at 4612 Turnberry, phone 886-3848. Bettie is employed at Bass Pro.


Alexei. Tatiana, Anna & Jane Kalinin live at 4662 Turnberry, phone 877-1627. Alexei is Director of Chemical Research & Development, Clariant.


Bob Moore, Becky, and Grayson chose 4362 Newton for their new home, phone 861-3644.


Kate, Michael. and Stephanie Plank, 1122 Woodhaven, phone 887-4240. Kate works for the City of Springfield at Chesterfield & Doling Family Centers.


Gary, Terri, Bryson and Christopher Tombridge live at 4421 Parkhill, phone 823-7274. Gary is Quality Manager at Carlisle.


4699 Turnberry is the borne of Chris, Tracy, David, & Brian Stovall. Chris is a recruiter for Bass Pro and Tracy is QA Manager at Dairi Concepts.


4550 Parkhill is the retirement home of Fred & Jean Davidson, phone, 883-2687.


Svmpathv: Our good neighbor, Jack Clutter, 1126 Cardinal, passed away on July 13 after a long illness. We extend our deepest sympathy to Janis and family.


Welcome Home to Trey & Kelly Richards, 4759 Turnberry. Trey recently had surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. He is recovering and doing very well.




Stenger Properties has purchased 80 acres to the east of Quail Creek. Forty acres is pro­posed as a Phase VII annex to Quail Creek. The remaining forty acres is to be developed as commercial retail. An inform­ational meeting is set for Monday, August 16 at 7:00 P.M. at The Library Center. Please plan to attend so your questions can be answered.




The fall garage sale will be on September 18. There’s still plenty of time to get ready.






Every homeowner in Quail Creek should have a copy of the Restrictive Covenants for our neighborhood. Various covenant violations have been reported to the Board of Directors. Please locate your copy of the covenants and review the most common complaints as follows:


Trailers, 5th wheels, boats, motor homes, and trucks larger than ˝  ton are being parked in driveways and streets. (Pg. 12, Sec. 7).


Political Signs. (Pg 14, Sec.17)


Trash containers being left out. (Pg. 13, Sec. 12)


Debris accumulating in yards. (Pg. 12, Sec. 10)


Untrininied bushes and weeds. (Pg. 12, Sec. 9b)


If you do not have a copy of the Quail Creek Covenants, please contact Gaye Lee or Mike Summers. For any further questions you may call any member of the Board of Directors.



During the last week of August, the pool will remain open during school hours without a lifeguard. Swim at your own risk. During the hours of 4 to 9 P. M. a lifeguard will be present. The pool will close on Sept. 7th. A special thanks to Bryant and Kelly Prude and the Pool Committee for a wonderful summer at the pool!




Callie Carroll’s 12 and under basketball team, The Kansas City Eclipse, finished 4th out of 104 teams that qualified to attend the AAU National Tournament held in Kingsport, Tennessee June 25 thru July 3. Callie is the daughter of Jerry and Margaret Carroll, 4428 S. Quail Creek.


Attention: PARKILILL



If your home is on the west side of Parkhill or Lakewood, please do not throw grass clippings, yard waste, rocks, or any kind of debris over the back of your property onto the land adjoining Quail Creek. The property owner has contacted the Board of Directors that he will file charges against anyone caught littering his land. The grass clippings are attracting the cattle and they are coming into the fence and sometimes getting out onto the streets.




There are lots of weeds growing where the curb meets the pavement on our streets. If you have these weeds growing in front of your house in the street, please use some weed killer on them. The city cannot do it for us. Thanks!