August 2007



Summer is passing fast. Our students and teachers start back to school on Thursday, August 23. Our best wishes for a great year of learning, teaching, and activity involvement. Remember Involvement guarantees success!


END OF SEASON POOL CHANGES: Since most of our lifeguards are college students, their work at the pool ends next week. We still may swim at our own risk until September 4 when the pool closes for the season. Lifeguard coverage will be provided until then when guards are available to work. The lost and found area should be checked for articles. They will be donated if not picked up by September 4. The pavilion may be reserved for parties during the fall season by calling the Prude's 886-5635. Our thanks to the pool committee, Bryant & Kelly Prude, Mark & Peppi Pogue, Kate Plank and Jerry Webster for a job well done!


INTERESTED IN HAVING A GARAGE SALE? Our neighborhood is having one on Saturday, September 15. A notice will be placed in the newspaper. If you wish to donate items that haven't sold, the Christian Foundation will pick them up at curbside between 3:00 and 5:00 o'clock. Attach a sign on items saying, "For -Christian Foundation."


HOSPITALITY: A warm Quail Creek welcome to the following new neighbors: Andrew, Lynzey, Savanna, and Brooklyn Mills. Andrew is manager at Target. They live at 4601 Quail Creek and their phone number is 877-0450. Jerry and Arlene Sutherland have chosen 1134 Camino Alto for their new retirement home. Their telephone number is 877-1738. They moved here from another Springfield subdivision. Please add our new residents to your Directory.


COFFEE AND CHITCHAT: During the month of September on Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m. the Hospitality Committee is hosting coffees at the pavilion. Come on down, join your neighbors, and have some fun!


GROUNDS: Progress is being made in repairing our irrigation system. Soon it may be fully automatic again. Big thanks to home owners for their help in watering during this hot dry season. The doors, lights, and other items broken by vandals at the pavilion have been repaired or replaced. As a vandalism deterrent, additional security measures have been made by the Board of Directors.


ALLIED WASTE SERVICE: They ask that only leaves and grass be put in the yard waste container which they pick up on Mondays. The City will not allow limbs to be included.


MOTOR VEHICLEs AND TRAILERS: Please check Article VIII Section 7 of your Covenants regarding boats, RVs, trailers, and trucks. (Lost covenants may be replaced by contacting Linda Moneymaker 882-5211 for a copy.) Our covenants are also on our web site, www .qcpoa.com.


The next Board of Directors meeting will be September 12 at 7:00 p.m. at the home of Bob and Carol Scott.