Quail Creek Newsletter

December 2006


HAPPY HOLIDAYS:  Thanks to a hardy group of volunteers the pavilion and fountain have been decorated, and it is beginning to look like Christmas in Quail Creek!  It will also soon be time for our Christmas home lighting competition.  Homeowners are encouraged to participate and vote for their favorite homes.  Decorating should be completed by Dec. 10.  Use the ballot provided below to vote for your favorites.  Detach and place the ballot (it doesn’t need a stamp) in our mail box across from the fountain no later than December 16.  The Board of Directors will collect and tally the votes.  The top three homes being awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd will be based on total number of votes per home.  Santa signs will appear in the selected homes on the 17th, so be sure to take a tour of the neighborhood and enjoy our Christmas decorations.


CHRISTMAS CAROLING:  Are you excited about Christmas?  Do you like to SING?  For those interested in caroling, we plan to walk and sing on Sunday, December 17.  Meet at the corner of Quail Creek and Swallow at 4:30 p.m.  We’ll sing around the neighborhood and have a hot drink afterwards at the Ernst residence, 1214 W. Swallow.  If you want to bring a crock pot of hot chocolate, cider, or cookies, please let Sarah or Ralph know at 882-3701. Song sheets will be provided, just come join in the fun, and even if you aren’t a great singer, you can walk along for encouragement and enjoy the refreshments.  Fa La La La La  


HOSPITALITY:  Welcome to new homeowners, Arlo and Irene DeWinter, 1154 Beekman.  They come to us from Boston, Massachusetts.   Please add to your Directory.  Their telephone number is 890-4699.  They are enjoying retirement. 


BOARD OF DIRECTORS:  The annual neighborhood meeting is scheduled for March 6, 2007 at the Library Center on South Campbell at 7:00 p.m.  Please mark your calendar.  We’ll be voting on volunteers who would like to serve on next year’s Board.  There will also be sign up sheets to serve on the various committees.  Please contact a Board member if interested in serving Quail Creek.



Please Detach Here and Place Ballot in our Mail Box Across from Fountain by December 16, 2006




1st Choice Address:_____________________________________________________________



2nd Choice Address:_____________________________________________________________



3rd Choice Address:_____________________________________________________________


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year




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