January 2008


STU STENGER MEETS WITH BOARD: At the January meeting Mr. Stenger met with our Board of Directors regarding the residential and commercial development of 100 acres adjoining our subdivision including the Quail Creek Phase VII addition which will contain 44 home sites on lots approximately 85x150 in size with homes to be comparable to present Quail Creek homes in style and value. Access will be at Shawnee Street. A tree buffer zone will divide the commercial and residential areas. Grading for the entire project is to begin March 2008. Construction vehicles will not be utilizing Quail Creek Avenue. Completion of Sam's Club (off Campbell Street) is scheduled for September 2009.


RESULTS OF CHRISTMAS DECORATING CONTEST: The first place winners were Peter & Marilyn Louk, 1102 Woodhaven; second place went to Rusty & Julie MacLachlan, 4731 Turnberry; and third place was Jack & Cindi Carter, 1241 Cardinal. We had a record number of residents who voted. Many thanks to all who participated by decorating and/or voting.


REMINDER: Our annual meeting is Tuesday, March 4, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. at the Library Center. We will be electing board members and sign up sheets will be available to serve on our various committees. Becoming involved in neighborhood activities is sure to enhance your pleasure in living here and volunteers enable us to have lower dues! Your attendance and participation is appreciated.


HOSPITALITY: A big welcome to our new residents - Curt and Dee Brown, 4613 Turnberry. After thirty-one years as KTTS general manager, Curt is now enjoying retirement. Their phone is 368-6640. Moving here from California is Era Justice, 1154 Beekman. She is an Executive Assistant at American Express. Her phone number is 714-390-7227. Please add our new neighbors to your Directory.


SYMPATHY: Our neighbor, Came Webb, 4328 Quail Creek, passed away January 1. We will miss her friendly smile and extend our deepest sympathy to her family.


LOST CAT? A brownish one has been hanging around 4590 Quail Creek. If it is yours, please call Kelly 890-0492.


TRASH CONTAINERS: Please place at the curb in the morning on the day of pick up and put away in garage by evening on the day of pick up. We have many pretty things in our subdivision but trash containers are not pretty and neighbors do not appreciate looking at them when they aren't suppose to be out on the curb.


SIGNS: Our Covenants do not allow political and religious signs. Please do not allow them to be placed in your yard and only one for sale sign may be displayed.


The next QCPOA Board meeting will be at 7:00pm on February 12, 2008, at the home of Joe & Dawn Brozovich.