July 2006


The long warm wonderful days of summer are here. The flowers are blooming. What a joy to live in our beautiful neighborhood. Kids are remembering to bring their keys to use the pool and ball courts and that is a relief to their smooth operation.


HOSPITALITY: A big thank you to those who brought ice cream and cookies to our Ice Cream Social on July 7. Close to 60 residents enjoyed the cool treat and an evening of visiting with their neighbors. An apology for confusion concerning the date. Another party had been scheduled at the pavilion on the date published in the Newsletter. We will be careful not to make that mistake again! Mary Myers chaired the event and found out at the close of the evening that her home was under contract. She is moving to a condo in the Chesterfield area. We will miss her. She has volunteered many hours for events held at the pavilion, decorating it at Christmas, her home holiday decorations especially at Halloween will be missed, as well as her beautiful flowerbed. Best wishes, Mary.


COVENANTS: Election time is coming! There will be enough signs allover our city without cluttering our beautiful yards with political signs. Please remember that our covenants only allow a For Sale signs to be placed in our yards.


NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH: A homeowner on Beekman has reported to us and the police that a window was cracked by a BB gun. This is the second time she has lost a window this way. Hopefully, it won't happen again.


GROUNDS: The fountain has been drained, cleaned, and refilled by the Committee. They are still watering 3 days a week, some areas getting 4. Our system doesn't cover 100%. No leaks have been detected and several heads and one smart value replaced.


FLOWERBED: Pattie, our chairperson, thought someone had stolen flowers from her yard until a neighbor pointed out a visit from our area deer. They have a real taste for some flowers. She reports the following regarding drought and mature trees: A hot dry summer means continuing drought stress for mature trees. The National Gardening Assn states when maple, birch, and ash trees die from the top down, it may be due to drought stress. Mature trees need 1 - 2 inches of water per week over 2 applications. Water long and deeply instead of briefly every day. If drought conditions persist for several years, large trees can decline and die, or may be weakened to the point that they lose resistance to attack by insects and disease. Trees exhibiting symptoms of excessive leaf shedding, premature color change, or extreme leaf scorching (evident on shallow-rooted Japanese maple), are a warning of extreme moisture deficit. Recovery chances improve with regular watering during extended drought."


DOGS: Many dog walkers have been observed carrying a sack and glove and your neighbors truly appreciate it, but there is also concern with the smell that is drifting across some backyard fences from a lack of pickup.


The next meeting of the Board of Directors is at 7 p.m. August 22, 2006 at the home of Greg & Cindy Parker.