July 2007


PARENTS, YOUR HELP NEEDED: Young people have been taking short cuts to the pool and tennis courts by walking consistently through Swallow Street neighbors' yards. They will appreciate very much your help in getting them to walk on the sidewalk to the pavilion area.

Thank you.



NEW RESIDENT'S DINNER: Our sixth annual dinner was held June 12 at the pavilion with most of the new homeowners who have moved here since June 2006 attending. The Hospitality Committee hosted the potluck dinner. President Bill Hass and Linda Moneymaker warmly welcomed and introduced the board of directors, hospitality members, committee chairpersons (who spoke of their activities and invited new residents to get involved), and our new residents. It was a very pleasant evening for all.



ICE CREAM SOCIAL: A goodly number of Quail Creek neighbors enjoyed homemade ice cream and cookies at our ice cream social on July 10 at the pavilion. The hospitality committee planned the event. If you weren't there, you missed a chance to have a real old fashion treat and an opportunity to visit with your neighbors.



TRASH PICKUP: We are fortunate to have our trash picked up twice a week -Monday and Thursday EXCEPT when a holiday ( 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Memorial Day) occurs and then it is the next day -Tuesday and Friday. For example, when a holiday is on Monday, our trash pickup is on Tuesday & Friday. When a holiday is on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, our trash pickup is on Friday. We are to put our container out early in the morning of the day and store back out of sight by evening.



NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH: Stan Baber, 1228 Cardinal, has become chairperson for this committee. His telephone number is 882-5239. Gilbert Clary, 1126 Cardinal, will work with him. Please make the change in your Directory. Heather Snow found it necessary to resign. Our Police Area Representative is Officer Barry Kemp. His voice mail is 417-874-1201 X44580#. He actually prefers receiving email instead of phone calls at bkemp@ci.springfield.mo.us. Contact him to report something suspicious that doesn't fall into the categories required for an official police report.


Crime in our subdivision is slight; however, you may file an online police report for one or more of the following problems: harassing telephone calls, indecent exposure, lost or stolen property, and vandalism. This information may also be found on our website, http://qcpoa.com




Go to: www.ci.springfield.mo.us/spd/OnlineForms/PoliceReport/Index.htm

1. Click on "Online Police Report."

2. Fill in the blanks as you go through the pages of the report.

3. After submitting the report, you will receive an email confirmation. If you choose not to file the report online, you may call 417-864-1810 to file with a police representative.

4. To provide additional information to a report previously filed: Use the police report number given to you by the Police Dept. and click on "Online Supplemental Report".


The next Board of Directors meeting will be held August 15, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. at the home of Greg & Cindy Parker.


Please change the telephone number on first page of Directory of President Bill Hass to 890-0808.