June 2006


ICE CREAM SOCIAL: COME ON DOWN, enjoy a cool treat, and visit with your neighbors at the Pavilion on July 7, at 7 p.m. If you have an ice cream freezer and willing to provide a batch, it would be appreciated. Please call Mary at 881-5596.



POOL/TENNIS: Parents, your cooperation and assistance is requested in seeing that teenagers do not leave home without a key to get in, obey the rules, and are respectful to lifeguards. Lifeguards will not leave their job to admit them. Lost keys may be replaced/or $5 from Linda, phone 882-5211. The Pool Committee is initiating a system for disciplinary action for those who disobey rules, jump/climb fence, and are disrespectful to lifeguards: First Offense, restricted from pool I day; Second Offense, restricted 3 days; Third Offense, restricted for 1 week. Further offenses will require Board of Directors consultation and action. The pool and tennis courts are a valuable resource and enhance the value of all our homes. Their proper security and care is essential for the neighborhood.



HOSPITALITY: A big Quail Creek welcome to our new neighbors at 4489 Parkhill. They are Rob and Lori Bolks. Rob is an assistant football coach at MSU - Go Bears - and Lori is a teacher at Ozark High School.


NEW RESIDENT'S DINNER: Our fifth annual dinner held June 6 at the Pavilion was a tremendous success! Almost all of the 20 new homeowners who have moved here in the last year attended. The potluck dinner was hosted by the Hospitality Committee and the Board of Directors. Nathan Silkett, our neighborhood police officer, spoke, and Committee chairpersons told about the goals and activities of their committees and encouraged new residents to get involved. The new residents introduced themselves, telling where they moved from and their occupations. A pleasant evening was enjoyed by all.


THE QUAIL CREEK LADIES BRIDGE CLUB: Meets the fourth Thursday of each month at member's homes on a rotating basis. Any and all bridge players are encouraged to join in and share the fun. Call Sarah at 882-3701


GROUNDS: The Grounds Committee has been busy keeping up with the irrigation system, replacing broken sprinkler heads and adjusting the watering schedule. The system is now on a three-day-a-week schedule. Unfortunately, large amount of soap was recently put in our fountain. This is not good for the system and will take some time to work out. Our neighborhood is known primarily for our beautiful fountain, and it is sad when it is vandalized. It would be extremely sad if it became unusable.


NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH: Three new menu items have been added to www.QCPOA.com. including Filing an Online Police Report with the Springfield Police Department (if we don't report it, they don't know it happened). Check it out and use it if needed. We are very fortunate to have homeowner, Joe Brozovich, as our webmaster.


CHESS ANYONE? A Chess-playing homeowner would like to know if there is anyone who would like to get together and play at the Pavilion. Call Joe at 882-3992.


SWIMMING LESSONS: Our resident WSI certified swimming instructor, Cassie Parker, is offering the neighborhood swimming lessons. Please call Cassie, 886-5129 for more information.