QUAIL CREEK Newsletter

March 2007



NEW BOARD MEMBERS ELECTED: At our annual meeting on March 6 at the Library Center, the following homeowners were elected: Donna Howerton, Bill Hass, Bob Scott, Greg Parker, and Joe Brozovich. We appreciate all of those who stepped up to be candidates to serve on the Board. Thanks to outgoing Gaye Lee, Bryant Prude, and Pattie Bannerman for their service on the Board. Also, thank you to all the homeowners who attended and for caring about our neighborhood. The questions and comments received were both positive and constructive.


HOSPITALITY: A warm Quail Creek welcome to our following new homeowners: Donna Nevill at 4751 Parkhill. Donna is a realtor with Murney Assoc. and her phone is 838-8025. Jeff Bertholdi lives at 1113 Camino Alto and his phone is 848-3123. David and Beth Hall are at 4470 Quail Creek. David is an Asst. Chief of the Spfd. Fire Dept., and Beth is an HR Coordinator with the City of Springfield. Jane Hood is at home at 1121 Shawnee and is self-employed as Hood Economic Development Services. Her telephone is 889-1430. Please add to your Directory. Our sympathy goes out to Sandy Peterson and her family, 4636 Turnberry, on the death of her husband, Len. He will be missed. Thank you to the hospitality members and neighbors who provided food.


LAWN WASTE: Homeowners, especially those who live where there are spur streets, e.g., Buena Vista and Shawnee, have reported that lawn waste, leaves in the fall, and tree debris from our ice storm is being dumped at the end of the spur streets. Wind is blowing the waste into their yards and making them do extra clean up. Please letís be considerate of our neighbors and not dump any yard waste any place in Quail Creek.


UPDATE ON ZONING ISSUE: At present, the issue of rezoning the three acres at 4346 Kansas Ave. from single family to apartments is tabled with the Springfield City Council. The land is at the southwest corner of Quail Creek. Our Board voted unanimously to support leaving the land zoned as it presently is for single family. Thank you to the homeowners who wrote letters, and spoke at the City Council meeting regarding this issue. The issue is likely to be changed in some manner and come up again. A primary concern is the additional traffic that Quail Creek homeowners would face if the zoning is changed to multi-family.


VOLUNTEERS: Now is the time to let us know if you would like to be on any of our committees for the coming year. They are: Flowerbed, Grounds, Hospitality, Neighborhood Watch, Pool, Block Captain, or if you are interested in starting a Social Committee. Call Gaye Lee 890-5518 during the next week.


FAREWELL: A fond farewell to all of the beautiful trees we lost during the ice storm. Mother Nature let us know she is boss!


The next board meeting is on April 11, 2007 at 7:00 PM at the home of John & Donna Howerton. It will be a combined meeting of present board members and the new board members.