May 2008


* * * * Congratulations and Best Wishes to all our Graduates * * * *


Pool Opening

Plans and activities for the opening of the pool on Saturday, May 24, 25, 26, and after school May 27-30, and open for the summer on May 31, are taking place. Hours will be 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Kate Plank, 1122 Woodhaven, is chairperson of the pool committee, and Grace Crim is hired as Head Guard and Sam Pogue is Asst. Head Guard. The pool staff will meet on the 10th of May for refresher training. Pool clean up day is scheduled for Saturday, May 17, at 10:00 a.m. Everyone is welcome to come help and get acquainted with Ms. Plank and the lifeguards. A problem last year was children cutting through yards on the way to the pool. Parents, please remind them not to do that and also go over the pool rules printed in the Directory with them. Remember, users must use their key and lifeguards cannot leave their post to let swimmers in or out of the pool facility.


Bridge: The Quail Creek Neighborhood Bridge Club needs more bridge players. If you are a bridge player, please consider getting involved. The Club plays monthly and take turns at each member's home. Call Karen Fischer, 886-0319, for more information.


Congratulations: To neighbor, Greg Parker, who participated in the Boston Marathon on April 21. When he started the race, there were 11,000 runners ahead of him. When he finished running the 26 miles, he had outrun 4,000 of them!


Sympathy: On April 10 we lost a friend and neighbor, Bill Barnes, who lived at 4766 Parkhill. Our condolences to Lorene and the family.



Lately, there have been a number of complaints about barking dogs in Quail Creek. Our QCPOA President, Joe Brozovich, has exchanged emails regarding this issue with Police Area Representative, Officer Jonnathan Bartel. For those folks who don't realize it, barking dogs are a violation of Quail Creek covenants and Springfield city ordinances. For that reason, Officer Bartel asked that we refer those complainants to him so he can follow up on them. He said he will contact the dog owners and notify them about the issue. If the owner fails to take action to stop the problem, a summons may be issued to him (by Jonnathan) but that it needs to be signed by the complainant who wishes to press charges. Officer Bartel also stated that there is nothing he can do until the person who is bothered by the dog wishes to press charges and signs a summons. If you are bothered by a dog and wish to press charges (willing to testify in court), call Officer Jonnathan Bartel (voice mail 874-1201, 44007#), or email jbartel@springfieldmo.gov and he will issue the dog owner a summons to appear in court. The complainant will only have to be able to testify in court that the dog continues to bark and bothers them.


COFFEE AT THE PAVILION: The Hospitality Committee is planning coffee and socializing at the pavilion every Tuesday during the month of June at 10:30 a.m. Come on down, have fun, and get to know your neighbors better.



The new 2008-2009 Directory is being delivered with this Newsletter. A big thank you to the Block Captains for delivering the Directory and the Newsletter each month. Your time and effort is much appreciated by all 285 homeowners in our subdivision.


NEXT BOARD MEETING: Bill and Jeanne Hass home, 4529 Parkhi1l, June 9, at 7:00 p.m.