Quail Creek Newsletter

October 2006


A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT: Recently I received a telephone call from an individual considering the purchase of a home in our neighborhood. He wanted to know if we strongly support our covenants. My immediate answer was "Yes, we do!" He didn't seem to think they were too important. I offered him a copy of the covenants, but he had managed to get one. I was glad to hear that because sometimes people seem to buy without knowing about them. He commented that Quail Creek looks like a nice place to live, and I confirmed, "Yes, it is a very nice place to live; and one of the reasons is that we have our covenants and support them. They are the reason that you don't see animals running around loose, you don't see garbage containers sitting out, you don't see junk cars, boats, or trailers in driveways, homeowners take pride in keeping their yards landscaped and neat, and we don't allow signs in them. There aren't any storage houses or clotheslines, and fences are all the same height." I couldn't think of anything else at the moment and I don't know if I encouraged or discouraged him from buying, but I do think I got across the value we place in our covenants.


HOSPITALITY: Welcome to two new neighbors Kenny & Bridget Gladman and daughter, Ava, at 4684 Turnberry. Their phone number is 887-8691 and David & Cindy Brown and sons, Dayne and Pryce at 1171 Beekman. Their phone number is 889-8557. Both of these families have relocated from other Springfield neighborhoods. Please add to your Directory.


CHRISTMAS DECORATING: Sarah Ernst 882-3701 has selected November 18 at 10:00 a.m. for decorating at the pavilion. Please put the date on your calendar and come help out. We need you! If it is too cold or snowing, we will do it November 26 at 3:30 p.m. It shouldn't take long if we have plenty of help and hopefully, some tall helpers.


NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH: Except for soap in the fountain, we aren't aware of any recent negative activity. Jim & Carolyn Dixon, keep in contact with our PAR Officer, Nathan Silkett, who asked that everyone be alert to indications of gang activity, especially graffiti, and report it to him or the police. This is a major concern for the police and they appreciate all the help they can get. Nathan wants to remind everyone of the following precautions to make ourselves less vulnerable for home burglaries. These are especially true as we go into the holiday time of year. Do not leave garage doors open. Do not leave garage door openers in vehicles not garaged. Do not let newspapers or mail accumulate in your absence. If you are going to be away let a neighbor/neighbors know of your absence. Do everything you can to give the impression your house is occupied. These have been mentioned in the past, but they still hold true.


BARKING DOGS: Have you ever laid down to rest and your neighbor's dog starts barking and goes on and on? It is enough to cause a nervous breakdown. We have had several calls about barking dogs. Please think of your neighbors if your dog is outside barking. Our homes are fairly close, and neighbors don't appreciate barking dogs.


GROUNDS: The work on the pavilion should be finished soon and it is looking much better. The irrigation system has been turned off and winterized and the pavilion and fountain will also be winterized soon.


The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be November 22, 2006 at 7:00 p.m. at the home of Donna and John Howerton.