October 2007


PORTABLE ON DEMAND STORAGE (PODS): Due to the number of "PODS" appearing in Quail Creek Subdivision, the Board of Directors has determined that it will be necessary for property owners to first obtain the permission of the Board prior to placing these items or items of a similar type on their property .The Board will post an application on our website which the homeowner can print, fill out, and mail to: Quail Creek Property Owners Association, 4205 S. Quail Creek Ave., Springfield, MO 65810 or the application may be obtained from any board member, filled out, and mailed. This policy will become effective January I, 2008. The Board of Directors will give due consideration to requests keeping in mind the requirements of our Covenants.


GROUNDS: Electronic surveillance warning signs have been installed at the pool and fountain areas. Winterizing will be done around the first of November. Our yard waste pickup program ends Nov. 30.


HOLIDAY DECORATING: A big thank you to those who did the beautiful fall decorating at the pavilion and to those of you who have decorated your homes. With all the mums, pumpkins, and scarecrows Quail Creek is very colorful. Thanks also to the homeowners who have put in new flowerbeds this fall. We enjoy a great reputation throughout Springfield for our flowerbeds and beautiful care of our yards. A date has been selected to decorate the pavilion for the Christmas season. It is the Sunday after Thanksgiving, November 25, at 2 p.m. If the weather is totally unreasonable (rain, snow, cold, sleet), an alternate date is Tuesday, November 27, at 6:30 p.m. Please put the dates on your calendar and come help make our neighborhood beautiful for the holiday season. Your efforts will be appreciated.


HOSPITALITY: Welcome to our new neighbors at 4759 S. Turnberry Ave! They are Joyce and Kristopher Pierce. Their telephone number is 887-0605. Joyce is in jewelry sales with Silpada Designs. Please add them to your Directory.


HOUSE NUMBERS ON CURB: Throughout our neighborhood some homes have their number painted on the curb in a rectangle of white reflecting paint, some homes have just their number painted on the curb, and some homes don't have any number painted on the curb at all. Recently a fire truck came into our neighborhood with an ambulance to take a resident to the hospital. In visiting with the driver, the subject of house numbers on the curb came up. He said emergency vehicle drivers find them very helpful in finding a

particular address especially at night and that trees often hide the number on a house. The ones with the white reflecting paint are the most easily seen, and they should be repainted periodically.


OUR WEBSITE: http://qcpoa.com/ Since December 2005, our website has received 2342 hits. Our biggest month was March 2007 with 99 hits. Most of our visitors come from Ron Stenger's website.


The next QCPOA Board of Directors meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. on November 13, 2007, at the home of Bill and Jeanne Hass.