THE FALL GARAGE SALE is this Saturday the 18th. The Christian Foundation will be driving through the neighborhood from 2 to 4 P. M. to pick up items that haven’t sold that you would like to donate to them. Leave your items by the curb and they will load them and leave a receipt.



QUAIL CREEK ANNEXATION PHASE VII: An informational neighborhood meeting was held at The Library Center on August l6th. Ron Stenger answered questions about expanding Quail Creek with land he has purchased adjoining our subdivision. Phase VII will add approximately 44 new homes to Quail Creek and will be accessed at Shawnee Street to the east.


The Quail Creek Board of Directors has had ongoing discussions with Ron and Stu Stenger concerning the new phase. After thorough consideration the Q.C.P.O.A. Board of Directors voted unanimously to approve the Phase VII annexation at their last meeting on August 26th. In the past, the covenants allowed the developer to retain the $500.00 initial assessment fee. The developer, Ron Stenger, also received 10 voting shares per vacant lot. The Board also voted unanimously to amend the covenants to allow the Q.C.P.O.A. to retain the $500.00 fee and to change the class B voting share to 1 vote per vacant lot.


The Board and Mr. Stenger were happy to see such a large turnout of interested neighbors at the informational meeting. Most comments were positive and it is felt that having Stenger Properties, whose quality of development is superior, will be a plus for Quail Creek.


Mr. Stenger expects that it will be 18 to 24 months before lots are available for sale in Phase VII. The homes will be comparable to those in Phases V and VI.



HOSPITALITY: Welcome to Julie Brehmer and Cy who have chosen 1132 Woodhaven for their new home. Their telephone number is 766-4444. Please add them to your directory.


Sympathy: Our neighbor, Don Richeson, 1133 Camino Alto, passed away August 9th. We miss him and extend our sympathy to Coleen and family.



NEW WEB SITE COMING SOON! A web site is being developed for Quail Creek. Thanks to Joe Brozovich for volunteering his time to this project. The web site will contain pertinent information for Quail Creek residents relevant to the Homeowner’s Association. It will contain our covenants, directors’ names, pool rules, general information, Newsletter information, and pertinent phone numbers. The web address will be in the annual letter at the end of the year included with your bill for 2005 annual dues.