Quail Creek Property Owners Association

                                                         4205 S. Quail Creek Avenue

                                                             Springfield, MO 65810


                                                         POOL PARTY CONTRACT

         (Reserves the pavilion, the grills, and gives access to the kitchen facility)


We, ____________________________________________________residents of


Quail Creek, would like to schedule a swim party on ______________________


From ___________ to _______. We are expecting ______adults, _____children,


ages __________ with a total of ________ swimmers.


Attached is a check made payable to OCPOA for additional lifeguards at $12.50 per

hour per guard as required by the following numbers:

Parties under 10: no additional lifeguard

Parties between 10 and 24: 1 additional lifeguard

Parties of 25 or more: 2 additional lifeguards

More than 2 additional guards is at the discretion of the Pool Management

Parties are limited to 50


Attached is a deposit check for $25 made payable to OCPOA. The deposit will be

returned to us within 24 hours of the party, provided the following clean-up

checklist meets the Party Coordinator's satisfaction. Check #_________.


- Clean-up checklist:

- Clean all tables

- Empty all trash cans and replace trash bags

- Remove any excess food items, party banners, balloons, etc.

- Clean off the BBQ grill (if used) within 24 hours of party

- Hose off the area under the pavilion and sweep excess water if necessary

- Return kitchen key to lifeguard on duty.


Signed (Lifeguard) __________________________________________


Confirmation of the party (the signed contract, the check for additional lifeguards,

and the deposit check) must be turned in to the Party Coordinator two weeks prior

to party date. Otherwise, your party date will be free to any other requests.


We agree to all of the above stipulations. 



Signed _________________________________________ Date ________________